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20/11, Vincom commercial center - Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh will be opened with many attractive present and promotion programs. With many functional area: supermarket, entertainment area, cinema, fashion and beauty stores... Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh is an enjoyable and favorable of customers.

Today, 20/11,  Vincom commercial center, located at 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh (Vincom Center - Nguyen Chi Thanh) will be opened. This is the 5th Vincom commercial center in Hanoi.

Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh is designed with curved glass blocks and natural stones which has elegant motifs, often used in Indian royal works. Commercial Center consists of 6 storeys, 4 basements, is the convergence of 140 fashion, entertainment, cuisine, interior brands,... which is prestige, domesticly and internationally favorable. Especially, it is also attractive because of new - unique - strange services and products, the first time appear in the Capital.

Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh

The largest specialized retail chain first appear in Hanoi, including Beauty Zone, Sports World, Shoe Center and Fashion Megastore with thousands of international domestic brands, in which, Beauty Zone has famous cosmetic brands like Clarins, L'Occitane, Kose, Kanebo, Laneige, Yves Rocher, Vichy, Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Bourjois ... and Mades - exclusive cosmetic brands from the Netherlands.

Fashion Megastore contains famous fashion brands such as New Look, Debenhams, Redherring, Principles by  Ben de Lisi... Shoe Center with exclusive footwear brands like Top Toe, Men Icon, Sexy Walk ...

Besides, Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh  has many familiar medium-to-high-end brands such as Mango, Borse Morgan, DKNY, Gurkha, Valentino Creations, ...

At the center, Vinmart supermarket system with total area of 5.600m2, provides tens of thousands of useful items to meet the shopping needs, daily activities of the family. Arranged at the basement area, Vinmart supplies many kinds of products, salmon, Japanese Sanma mackerel, fresh food,... Especially VinEco fresh vegetables are produced  in a close progress with Microgreen technology from Israel, follows standards of VietGAP and GlobalGAP, monopoly distributed in Vinmart supermarkets, meets the requirements for food safety and nutritional content.

Moreover, VinPro electronics stores sell thousands of products: smartphones, tablets, laptops, refrigerators, televisions ... of the world famous brands as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony ...

And yet, the center also offers a CGV's Gold Class premium cinema.

In entertainment-education space with 3,300 m2 area, tiNiWorld, children are satisfied to discover the marvelous world revel in the unique models such as playing with water and sand, Discovery, Creative Garage, DIY Cafe.

Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh

Cuisine world  at the 5th floor with famous restaurants today as King BBQ, Gogi House, Cowboy Jack, Hotpot Story, Wrap & Roll ...

Also, people can exercise daily at Elite Fitness gym club at Nguyen Chi Thanh with upgraded amenities such as outdoor seasonal pool under 300m2 glass roof, 8m indoor climbing wall and modern systems.

Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh

In November 20, opening of Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh will includes many activities for incentives and attractive promotions of up to 50% of mass of brands. Toc Tien, a beautiful singer will attend to bring popular, boisterous songs. The people of the capital will experience 'Miracle Red Christmas' at Vincom Center, Nguyen Chi Thanh and receive gifts on Christmas Day.

Splendid Christmas space will be held at Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh with basement system accommodating up to 2,000 cars and 10,000 motorcycles and controlled by smart technologies, security systems and perfect services, Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh will be the most attractive destination in the capital at the end of this year.

On occasion of Vincom Center opening occasion Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vincom centers offer "Vincom gifts to million homes" with hundreds of thousands of gifts such as free movie tickets to CGV, entrance tickets to tiNiWorld, shopping tickets, culinary tickets and Vinmart voucher which are worth 100.000VND .

To participate, customers simply reply fully and accurately the survey questions on the website of Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh in time from 18/11/2015 or until all the quantities released gifts.


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