Vinhomes Riverside

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Vinhomes Riverside is a high-ranking ecological riverside urban area in Hanoi following romantic architecture design of Italy which is called as Venice city in the heart of Hanoi. The project is built according to international standard. Beside its romantic beauty, Vinhomes Riverside urban area also brings peaceful living spaces in harmony with nature.

Vinhomes Riverside villas is one of the first urban zones in Vietnam that possess high-end and opulent riverside villas compared  with other up-market villa projects in the world. All Vinhomes riverside villas are designed in international standard with open and unique spaces surrounded by beautiful gardens and peaceful hand-made canals and are free for house owners to decorate and furnish in their own styles and preferences. Many foreigners choose vinomes riverside as the residence for their stay in Hanoi. That is why we have many villas for rent vinhomes riverside now  to meet all requirements from customers !


Located in the Northeastern gateway of Hanoi capital, only 6.5 km from Hoan Kiem Lake to the West, 5.5km from Chuong Duong bridge pier, near Vinh Tuy bridge, Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien has conveniently accesses to key construction projects of the capital via modern elevated highway and roadway system. Being constructed in 3 Wards of Long Bien District: Viet Hung, Phuc Loi and Giang Bien, the urban will become a luxurious, beautiful and romantic ones for those who love freedom and peaceful life, contributing to the development of Hanoi Capital in particular, and Vietnam in general.


With neoclassical architectural style combining both classical and modern elegance, Vinhomes Riverside villas bring unique and exquisite look with modern and convenient living space. For interior design, the architects take care of natural factors like sunshine, wind and fengshui principles in order to create the most peaceful and safe spaces to avoid hot temperature in daytime and easily catch natural wind into the villas. 

Vinhomes Riverside has 5 villa zones including Bang Lang, Hoa Phuong, Hoa Sua, Hoa Lan and Anh Dao. It provides thousands of semi-detached and detached villas from 3 bedrooms in varied areas from 111m2 to 2000m2. Details are:

- Hoa Phuong villas: 226 villas with 6 areas from HP1 to HP6, sizes from 200m2 – 600m2

- Hoa Lan villas: 219 villas with 9 areas from HL1 to HL9, sizes from 190m2 – 526m2.

- Bang Lang villas: 90 villas with 12 areas from BL1 to BL12, sizes from 250m2 – 900m2

- Anh Dao Villa: 366 villas with 8 areas, sizes from 145m2 – 300m2

- Hoa Sua villas: over 300 villas with 11 areas from HS1 to HS11, sizes from 200m2 – 350m2


  • Vincom Center
  • Vinschool, BVIS school
  • BBQ garden
  • Gym and Spa
  • Food court

And many other facilities to meet all demands of residents in Vinhomes Riverside

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